Hello world!

37 and Counting!

Even though the path is long, I do not walk alone. Welcome to my next 30 years! Join me in this journey I call L-I-F-E.




¡37 y Contando!

Aunque el sendero es largo, no camino sola.  ¡Bienvenidos a mis próximos 30 años! Acompañame en mi jornada cual llamo V-I-D-A.


Beating the Odds

Today I received the most incredible and wonderful news I could receive thus far! My beloved mother has officially been declared CANCER FREE! Today was her last radiation therapy session and was awarded with the outmost praise and respect from her medical care team and a certificate she said. She was so excited telling me how wonderful she felt and how the medical team expressed thrill and excitment for her, because they witnessed that she never faltered, she never gave up, she never showed any resignation that accompanies this ailment; and her positive attitude and most of all, her infinite faith in God.

Since day 1, Mom’s great belief was that God is always in control of our lives, all we have to do is trust and believe that He does in fact have us in the palm of His hand, and this was visible in every aspect of this journey for her.

Her (Stage 3 IDC) diagnosis hit us like a bucket of ice water on 29 of February 2012, it just seems like yesterday! The disbelief, the denial, the pain and agony to merely imagine life without Mom was in itself the worst feeling I have felt. Listening to her say once and again “there’s nothing wrong with me” made me so angry, not sure if it was at her or the cancer, but I was not at ease, no matter how great my faith in God is. But I guess all along she showed me and the rest of the world, that indeed a positive attitude and faith that God is still in the business of performing miracles is what can make a difference in the outlook and perspective of beating the odds. Not to mention, being surrounded by the support of loved ones with the outmost love and attention anyone can possibly provide to someone in that situation. Mom, you are my prime example of what faith should look like and I love you for that and so much more! I am oh so proud of you!


Hoy recibií las mejores noticias que puedo recibir hasta el dia de hoy. Mi querida madre ha sido declarada oficialmente LIBRE DE CANCER. Hoy fue su ultima sesión de terapia de radiación y fue honrada con gran elogio y respeto de parte del equipo médico que la atendió todo este año pasado y un “certificado”, mencionó ella alegremente. Ella emocionadamente me platicaba la expresión de asombro y emoción que el equipo le demostró, expresando que ella jamás decayó, ni se dió por vencida y jamás demostró resignación que seguido acompaña esta enfermedad; su buena actitud y mas que nada su infinita fe en Dios.

Desde el primer dia, su creencia que Dios está siempre en control de nuestras vidas y todo lo que nos resta hacer es confiar en El y creer que El nos tiene en la palma de su mano y esto fue evidente en cada paso de esta jornada para ella.

Su diagnóstico (Etapa 3 IMC) nos cayó como cubetazo de agua helada el 29 de Febrero del 2012, pero parece como si fuese ayer. La reacción de incredulidad, fase de negación y la agonía de imaginarme la vida sin mi madre fueron los peores momentos que he sentido en mi vida. Escucharla decir una y otra vez “no tengo nada” me molestaba y no se si mi molestia era contra ella o la enfermedad, no importaba cuan grande mi fe en Dios era. Pero ella me demostró y al mundo tambien que ciertamente una actitud positiva y fe que Dios aún está en el negocio de hacer milagros es lo que puede ayudar a hacer la diferencia en la perspectiva de ganarle a lo imposible. Claro, sin olvidar estar rodeada del apoyo de seres queridos que proveen el imenso apoyo, amor y cariño que una persona en esta situación suele necesitar. Mami, eres mi ejemplo de lo que es tener fe y te amo por esto y mucho más. ¡Estoy sumamente orgullosa de ti!

Happy 37th Birthday 2 Me!

This past year, and every morning I woke up and couldn’t help but look in the mirror and ask: “Who are you and what have you done with the REAL Blanca?!”  I’m in a critical situation where an uninvited process (age) suddenly from nowhere and with no advanced invitation, notice or reservation has somehow crash-landed on my face!  I’m on a may-day trail for that infamous “fountain of youth” and an endless search to see if anyone has in fact found it!  But to my sadness and agony, the jury’s still out on that one, though many “founders” are making a buck or two from those clueless souls. Meanwhile, I’m going down the Google search results of “the best organic rejuvenating beauty products you haven’t tried” and why is that? Because until today, I had NO NEED for one and today simultaneously I have a need for them all! All this effort for the mostly seen part of me…. My beautiful face!!

That’s just part of the chaos that surrounds the aging process.  Because there’s just absolutely nothing else to worry about, right? The remainder of the deteriorating body that continues to do weird things, like refuse to slim down, no matter how many tacos I intake, or how many miles I lose count of in the midst of friendly chatter through the neighborhood with friends, a growing foot dilemma that keeps me from actually wearing nice footwear with my knockout outfits, because shoes never fit just right! Not to mention, “body enhancement garments” aka girdles that refuse to clip or stay put in doing their ultimate job which is to hide that bulge! Just keeping track of all these “extra” bulges and keeping them tucked, actually does help lose an ounce or two in sweat from “sucking it in”, so in a way, there is something to look forward to after all!

So no one ever told me that one day, when I finally notice that first wrinkle, that first grey hair on my head, that first bulge that won’t budge, that I would scream in disbelief (and scare the neighbors) that I would still be beautiful beyond recognition.  The beauty that will still keep my lover in awe; that keeps my parents proud and my siblings glad to have me as their sister.  That my children would know of no better person to snuggle with to read with them their favorite books, covered in their favorite blanket and holding their treasured pals.   It is amazing to know that through all the physical flaws I (we) directly see in the mirror, I fail to focus on the beauty and flawlessness God sees in me and each of us, His creation.  I am sure I disappoint Him time and again, but in reality I am perfect in His eyes. And if I could see the special blessings and abundant Love around me, those tid-bits that actually do matter and that make an impact in my life and those around me and continue to focus in enhancing those areas of my life, I would be at ease with myself and with my soul.

If in fact I could go back to that energetic, sarcastic and free spirited 20-something of long ago, I would say: “Enjoy, absorb and learn”.  No matter what you do, what you say, what you think, where you go, or who you meet, it’s all part of a transformation on whom you will become…everyday is a stepping stone towards tomorrow, almost like the most complex math, what you learn today, will be applied in tomorrow’s lesson, so don’t skip a step!  Life doesn’t end, it just ‘evolves’ into shaping and molding you and your lineage from today forward.  The life experiences will become intense; situations will become complex; relationships will become bitter-sweet but always worthwhile; friendships will deepen, some may vanish; the achievements will be rewarding by the minute; the valleys will test you on how low you can go; the earnings will be plentiful; the losses will be great; and you will surpass it all with flying colors with the right outlook, with the right attitude and with the right source, and lucky for me, I have been plugged in to the greatest Power Source on the planet…God.

For the endless love, for my family, for my friends, for my health, for simply ME… I give you thanks Oh Lord!Image

Happy 37th Birt…